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Gujranwala Business Centre (GBC) is a public sector company registered under section 42 of the Companies Act 2017, which was initiated in 2010 as a PSDP project. It works under the Ministry of Industries & Production, Government of Pakistan, to promote and develop Gujranwala's industrial sector, the 3rd largest in the country, at the national and international level. It is a dynamic and influential organisation that fosters economic growth, empowers businesses, and shapes the local business landscape consisting of more than 21,000 SMEs & Cottage industries. International Diplomats, Trade Bodies, Joint Chambers of Commerce and Trade Delegations regularly engage with GBC for B2B connectivity, enhancing international trade and economic cooperation with the business community of Gujranwala.

At the forefront of GBC's notable initiatives stands the Made In Gujranwala (MIG) Enclosure, a flagship project of GBC to showcase the best industrial products of Gujranwala to the world under one roof. MIG Enclosure features a comprehensive representation of all major business sectors of Gujranwala, including Ceramics, Sanitaryware, Cookware, Sanitary Fittings, Textiles, Motors & Pumps, Home Appliances, Rice, and more. It provides an excellent opportunity to showcase the city's industrial prowess, facilitate networking, and attract investment. Similarly, GBC also facilitates the formation of trade delegations from Gujranwala to explore new markets and avail the opportunities for result-oriented growth, partnership, and strategic alliance with global partners from different countries. It offers strategic business solutions and information for improving trade, economic cooperation, strengthening the trade base, and improving exports for the business community of Gujranwala.

GBC benefits from a vast network of more than 1500 national and international partners from both the public and private sectors such as Government Institutions, International Trade Bodies, Chambers of Commerce, Private Sector Companies, Educational Institutions and Development Agencies. These partnerships provide essential support, resources, and expertise that enable GBC to fulfil its mission of promoting economic growth, empowering businesses, and shaping the local business landscape in Gujranwala. In collaboration with SMEDA and other professional bodies, GBC arranges seminars and workshops tailored to meet the needs of our industry. These seminars and workshops are delivered by industry experts with extensive knowledge and practical experience in their respective fields. GBC also works very closely with industry experts, academia, and stakeholders on R&D. It continuously explores novel avenues to enhance product quality, streamline processes, and elevate the competitiveness of Gujranwala’s business community.

Mission & Vision

GBC’s mission is to help Gujranwala’s entrepreneurs and companies to reach international markets by developing globally competitive products. We pursue our mission through dialogue, analysis, training, B2B connectivity and solutions-based ideas, empowering the next generation to build a better economic world. We ensure our research and outputs are widely accessible, so our business community can develop its voice in global markets. Collaboration is a core competence of our team. It inspires our relationships with associates, partners, supporters, and members and helps us develop global networks to find positive, durable solutions. We are examining new forms of international cooperation, engaging diverse global actors, and exploring different tools and technologies to deliver our mission in today’s world.

Mission & Vision
Global Business Alliance (GBA)

Why Join GBC?

There are new developments, new opportunities, and new markets constantly emerging in the world. How do you expand your business, enter new markets and stay one step ahead of your competitors? The best way to do business and exchange information is through face-to-face meetings and business networking. GBC offers its members & partners exclusive opportunities to connect with business partners around the globe through active participation in high-level business activities such as Trade Delegations, Business Forums, Trade Fairs, B2B Networking Events etc. Our goal is to help our members achieve transformational growth and achieve their full potential whilst encouraging the members to be scrupulous, fair & uphold the highest standards of business ethics and principles.

Our Leaders

Guided by an unwavering commitment to excellence, our leadership cultivates a culture of collaboration, empowering individuals to thrive and organizations to flourish. Their ability to navigate complexities with agility transforms challenges into opportunities, positioning us at the forefront of progress.

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